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Garage Door Springs

Door Springs | Garage Door Repair Wellington, FL

At Garage Door Repair Wellington, we understand the dangers involved with dealing with any type of spring related issue, and our technicians are always available to help you out when something goes wrong. If it's some maintenance that you need, we can provide you with that as well.

Spring Adjustment and Lubrication

Making sure your springs are in a good working condition is very important. As the components that are in charge of supporting the weight of your door and providing it with the necessary tension to move up and down, they are under a lot of stress on a regular basis and can be very susceptible to wear and tear damage. When your door gets unbalanced, the usual culprits are the springs. Our technicians can adjust their tension to make sure your door returns to its proper balance, and lubricate the length of their coils in order to ensure their efficiency and silent operation.

The Dangers Involved

While it may not be immediately evident at a glance, your springs are - apart from the door panels - perhaps the most dangerous part of the entire system. When they break, they can go flying around your garage and will damage any person or object that's unfortunate enough to be in their way. Replacing them requires special tools and professional training for this very reason, and even adjusting them should only be performed by an experienced technician.

Galvanized vs Oil Tempered

The main difference between these two types of springs is in the nature of their purpose. Galvanized springs are applied with a special zinc coating that is meant to prevent them from rusting. If this special material gets damaged, it could expose the coils to moisture, which will lead to them potentially rusting. That's why regular spring maintenance is so important. As for oil tempered springs, these components are treated with a process of repeated heating and cooling and tempered with oil. As a result, oil tempered springs are very strong and durable.

Seek Professional Assistance

As you can see, dealing with springs can be a complicated issue, which is why it is always best left to our experts at Garage Door Repair Wellington. Contact us today for any spring related need.

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